19 April 2014

Happy Easter - Free Bunny Cross Stitch Chart

5 x 7 Inches on 14 count aida or 28 count evenweave.

This chart is ideal for a beginner.  To add further detail and texture you could embroider daisies or add flower shaped buttons, bee, butterfly or bird charms.

16 February 2013

Mitred Granny Square Blanket - Free Crochet Pattern

I'm busy working on this blanket at the moment and thought i'd share the pattern so that you could join me if you have an empty hook and yarn looking for a project.

Mitred Granny Square Pattern

I used Stylecraft Special DK yarn and a 3.5mm hook.

Round 1:   
With white yarn Ch 5, join with ss to form ring.

Round 2:   
Ch3 (this acts as dc), dc 11, ss into space between first and second dc's to join.

Round 3:   
Ch3 (this acts as dc) dc2 into same space as ss of previous row, ch2, dc3 into same space.  *Ch2, skip 3 dc's then dc3 ch2 dc3 into space *.  Repeat * to * twice more.  Ch2, ss into space between first and second dc to join.  Tie off yarn.

Row 4:  
Join on next colour yarn into corner space.
Ch3 (this acts as dc) dc2 into same space.  Ch2, dc3 into centre two chain space, ch2, dc3 ch2 dc3 into corner space,  ch2, dc3 into centre two chain space, ch2, dc3 into corner space.  Turn piece over so you are working back along the row just created.

Row 5:   
Ch4, dc3 into space, ch2, dc3 into next space, ch2, dc3 ch2 dc3 into corner space, ch2, dc3 into space, ch2, dc3 into space, ch4, join with ss into top of last dc.  Tie off yarn.

Further Rows:
Repeat in the style of rows 4 and 5 until your square is as large as you like.  I have used four colours in addition to the white centre.

I am making a blanket for a single bed so my rows are made up of 10 squares.
Once you have made enough squares for your preferred size row, join together using the "join as you go" method in black yarn.

Make enough squares for your next row, then join them to the previous row of squares, off-setting them by one so that the pattern develops diagonally across the blanket.

A helpful video for the join as you go method is HERE.  

5 February 2013

Wreath for Valentine's Day - Free Project

A wreath is not just for the December/Winter festive season, they can be for any time of year or festivity and i'm a big fan of bringing the season or festivity into my home with a wreath hanging on either a door or in the window.  So here we have a beaded and bejewelled wreath for Valentine's day, but it can be hung all year in your bedroom for that touch of femininity and romance.

You will need,
Small willow wreath
Transparent, hollow plastic heart
Spool of silver jewellery wire
Assortment of clear and pearlescent beads
1 metre fuchsia chiffon ribbon
White satin cord/piping/ribbon

To make,
1. Tie length of satin cord through the top of the wreath for hanging.  

2. Thread all the beads on to the silver wire, keeping the wire attached the  spool
     to prevent the beads sliding off.  Then securing the end of wire around a twig with a 
     few twists, begin to wind the beaded strand around the wreath as many times as you 
     choose, feeding beads along the wire a few at a time and unwinding the spool as you go. 
     Make sure you disperse the beads evenly around the wreath during winding.  Once you 
     have finished winding, snip wire from spool, pouring left over beads on the wire into a 

3. Fill the hollow heart with the feathers and close.  Thread a length of ribbon through the loop
     in the top then through the centre of the wreath, tying in a bow around the cord to secure.

4. Tie sections of ribbon round the wreath and trim ends.

26 January 2013

Free Project: Valentine's Day Card

Fancy making a card for your love?  

1 white card blank
4” x 3.5” piece purple cardstock 
4” x 1” piece hot pink  cardstock
3 pink mini brads
4” length pearl strand
5” length fuchsia chiffon ribbon
4” length ivory lace
Translucent Fimo,  number 014

To make the heart:  Take a thumb sized piece of fimo and warm between your palms for pliability.     Roll into a ball, then on a flat surface roll into a sausage measuring 10” in length.  Cut in half, lie side by side and then twist one pair of  ends around each other.  Bend the sections into heart shape and then twist the remaining pair of ends around each other.  Bake as per packaging instructions.
Mount three brads in a even spaced line down the left hand edge of the purple piece.  Glue this to the front of the card.

Adhere the pink piece along the bottom edge of the purple piece, then cover the join of these two pieces with the lace.

Using wet glue dots, attach the pearl strand across the lace.

Tie a ribbon around the heart and glue this to the card with super glue.

© Karen Wiederhold

1 January 2013

The first day of 2013

Wishing everyone a good year, with as few worries as possible, fun and laughter.

The last few years have been a difficult and trying time overall for me so i'm feeling hopefull and looking forward to a fresh new year this year.  It's time for a good year.

I'm not sure what my blog will bring this year, or which avenues it will take but i'm content just for today.